Khovsgol Lake region

Khovsgol is one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world, being more than 2 million years old, as well as being the most significant drinking reserve of Mongolia.

  • Duration:

    10 Nights / 11 Days


  • Day 1
    Drive to visit Small Sand Dune (semi- Gobi)

    Overnight stay in a nomadic family’s ger. Electricity, shower, modern toilet, bank, supermarket is not available.

  • Day 2
    Drive to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital and Tsenher Hot spring

    Visit to Erdenezuu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was founded in 1586. Surrounded by a quadratic wall (420 m long on each side) with total 108 Stupas. Continue the trip to Tsenher Hot spring. Public shower, modern toilet and electricity is available. It is a good place to break up your journey and enjoy in a hot bath with Natural elements. Set between beautiful forest mountains, grasslands.

  • Day 3
    Great White lake (Khorgo Volcano lake), via Chuluut canyon

    Sometimes called Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, it is a dead volcano lake area. Rich with fish and different birds breed here. The beautiful lake is the most attractive place in Mongolia despite being frozen till June. The National Park is attractive its lava fields, pine trees, natural fruits, bird life, mountains and hidden caves and gaps underground. The Chuluut Canyon is a river that runs from Khangai mountain range. The Chuluut Canyon is rich with pike, over 1 meter long. Electricity, modern toilet and shower are not available. Horse riding is available. Overnight stay with a nomadic family’s ger.

  • Day 4
    Same activities

  • Day 5
    Drive to Moron town, center of Khovsgol aimag/province. It is an administrative center

    Most of travelers break up here to prepare for the journey to famous lake “Khovsgol”, in the North. The road is extremely rough from the White lake to Moron. Electricity, internet, supermarket and public shower are available. Stay with a local family’s ger.

  • Day 6
    Drive to the Khovsgol lake, via “Deer stone”, the most preserved rock paintings in the world

    The Khovsgol lake called also “Dark Blue Pearl” of Mongolia. Untouched byindustry and urban life. Electricity, little supermarket and public shower are available. Overnight stay in a guesthouse’s ger.

  • Day 7
    Same activities

  • Day 8
    Drive to Khutag – Ondor mountain area

    Travelers can find some interesting, rarely visited sights in the area. Thick forested mountains, wide rivers, fishing, wild fruits, healthy spas, and spring waters containing lots of natural elements for diabetes diagnosis are all there.

  • Day 9
    Same activities

  • Day 10
    Amarbayasgalant, a historical Temple

    This is the second most important Temple in Mongolia (after Erdenezuu Temple, Kharkhorum) Temple was built by Manchu emperor by 1727. Some of them were destroyed in the 1930’s during Stalinism. Later, the monastery was restored in 1990 with the help of UNESCO. Overnight stay with a nomadic family’s ger.

  • Day 11
    Drive back to UB